We at MHC believe that high-quality behavioral health treatment and cost containment strategies are compatible. Through a cooperative atmosphere a low-cost quality assured program can be offered. We have assembled a national network of providers who are capable of working in concert with MHC’s mission:

To serve individuals with affordable, quality assured drug, alcohol and mental health treatment, while containing the cost to the individual, the employer and the payer.

MHC does not seek to micro-manage treatment. So long as sound clinical procedures are used, and aimed at our mission, treatment decisions are left between the practitioner and the patient. MHC does not wish to interfere with the clinical process. We wish only to monitor and provide consultations or guidance, when needed. We provide constructive feedback to our network providers enabling them to maintain an active role with MHC and its subscribers.

In that spirit, we call upon each practitioner involved in our network to:

  • Adhere to the Code of Ethics as outlined by their professional organization(s)
  • Be an advocate for quality treatment
  • Provide medically necessary treatment at the most appropriate level of care
  • Conduct a full biopsychosocial assessment
  • Maintain an updated treatment plan utilizing short-term therapeutic strategies



Who Qualifies for Membership in our network?

MHC prides itself on providing top quality service. In this regard the criteria for membership in our network are rigorous, but fair. To view the membership criteria click here.