Overcoming First Day Jitters

How to help your child through the first day of school. Whether it’s the first day at kindergarten, junior high, or high school — or if it’s a new school — children get excited but they also get nervous. These are milestones in your... read more

Helping Adult Children Through Rough Times

Whether it’s money or relationships, it’s always hard to watch an adult child struggle. What do you do when an adult child is going through rough times? How do you nurture without rescuing? Encourage without diminishing their problem-solving skills? Help... read more

Teen Driving

Teen driving- it’s one of the few rites of passage in the American culture: a time of exhilaration for teens, a mixture of relief and dread for parents. And no matter how intense the anticipation or anxiety, it is an inevitable step for both parents and teens.... read more

Tips for After School Safety

As children return to school, many of them will find themselves home alone for a few hours after school until parents are home from work. The American Red Cross encourages parents and children to discuss safety tips to make after-school hours safer and less stressful.... read more

Helping Children Cope with Loss

The death of a loved one is always difficult. In cases where the death results from a disaster, it can be even more troubling given the suddenness and violent nature of the event. For children, the loss of a parent, sibling, relative or friend can affect their sense... read more

Helping Children Cope with Fear & Anxiety

Dylan is afraid of the dark. Mary frequently worries something bad is going to happen to her parents. Eric becomes sick to his stomach if he has to speak aloud in class. Fears and worries are a very normal part of life for children and adults. However, if these... read more