Stress and Alcohol Facts

How does stress influence drinking patterns? Research and populations surveys have shown that persons under stress, particularly chronic stress, tend to exhibit unhealthy behaviors. Stressed persons drink more alcohol, smoke more, and eat less nutritious foods than... read more

The Ten Commandments of Stress Reduction

They might not have come from a higher authority, but these commandments will reduce stress: Thou shalt organize thyself; Thou shalt give thyself positive feedback; Thou shalt reward thyself with enjoyable leisure; Thou shalt exercise; Thou shalt relax; Thou shalt... read more

The Six Stress Types

1. The Speed Freak Recognition Signs Constant foot to the floor on their “stress accelerator” Borderline workaholic or perfectionist Everything must get 110% effort, no matter how (un)important it is Rapid speech; interrupt others frequently Periods of deep fatigue... read more

Mood Lifters

Not feeling your usual positive self? Try these pick-me-ups: Re-wire what you say and think. Instead of saying things like, “This day is shot” or “I’m not good at this,” or thinking things like, “This is really a downer” or “I feel terrible,” make a conscious effort... read more

Managing Your Stress in Tough Economic Times

As talk of falling housing prices, rising consumer debt and declining retail sales bring up worries about the nation’s economic health, more Americans feel additional stress and anxiety about their financial future. Money is often on the minds of most Americans. In... read more

Dealing with Money Stress

The instability of the economy, the banks and the stock market are causing quite a bit of anxiety with many people, and rightfully so. With so many Americans reeling from still-too-high gas prices, instability in the job market, and rampant foreclosures, it seems like... read more