Electronic Behavioral Health Claims Submission

MHC is committed to meeting the Centers for Medicare Services (CMS) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance standards. MHC contracts with the Change Healthcare (formerly Emdeon) clearinghouse to accept electronic Behavioral Health Claims (known as Professional (837P) and Institutional (837I) 837 files). Please utilize Payer ID 37050 to submit claims to Payer Name Mental Health Consultants Inc.

If you wish to participate in electronic claims submission, please refer to the information below.

If you already submit claims electronically:

  • Please utilize Payer ID 37050 to submit claims to Payer Name Mental Health Consultants Inc.
  • If you are unclear on how to do this in your system, please contact your system vendor for assistance.
  • If our name does not come up, you may need to contact your clearinghouse and have them update their systems to allow your claims to flow to Change Healthcare.

If you do not currently submit claims electronically:

  • Please contact a sales associate from Change Healthcare by phone at 866.817.3813 or by e-mail via the following link: Sales Contact Form.
  • Optional training is available upon request for providers who utilize Change Healthcare products.

To submit claims electronically you will need to have the following information set-up in your system:

  • Credentials from the clearinghouse
  • Claims must contain the following information:
    • National Provider Identification (NPI) #
    • Payer Name: Mental Health Consultants Inc.
    • MHC Payer ID: 37050

Electronic claims will be submitted to MHC through the Change Healthcare Clearinghouse who will then forward the claims to MHC for processing.

Change Healthcare will send you a return file called a Triple file verifying that the claim has been received and validated. For claims that did not meet the validation of Change Healthcare, you will be issued a claims rejection letter and the claims must then be resubmitted through the portal.

If your 837 claim contains all the necessary information for an 837 file, it will be forwarded to MHC electronically. It will then be processed in the same manner as it is currently. Please continue to allow the standard turnaround time of approximately 6 weeks for processing and payment from the payers.

EAP claims are unable to be submitted electronically.

If you have problems with claims submission, please contact MHC via e-mail at providerrelations@mhconsultants.com.