The instability of the economy, the banks and the stock market are causing quite a bit of anxiety with many people, and rightfully so. With so many Americans reeling from still-too-high gas prices, instability in the job market, and rampant foreclosures, it seems like there’s no shortage of stressors to contribute to the already-stressful daily lives that many are living. One thing that makes large-scale stressors like this situation especially difficult for many, and something that distinguishes them from the smaller-scale stressors of annoying colleagues, bickering kids or a too-busy to-do list, is that many people feel that they have little control here. These are major changes where individuals may feel that they have little power to alter their own fate.

I wish the stress relief options I have to offer you included a formula to make the situation go away, or perhaps seeds to plant a money tree. Unfortunately, that’s not quite within my grasp, but, as with other stressors, the situation doesn’t need to change for our stress levels to go down. We often can’t control our circumstances as much as we can control our responses to them.

So what I do have to offer are resources for managing the stress that you may be experiencing from financial troubles or other challenges in life. These techniques can help you get through current stress you’re feeling and build your overall resilience toward stress.

Financial Stress Relief Resources:

Quick Fix: Breathing Exercises
Breathing exercises rank high on my list of stress relievers for a reason: they’re a quick, easy, do-anywhere method of relieving stress. Try it now; you can relieve tension quickly in your whole body.

Mindfulness Exercises for Stress Relief
While it’s tempting (and, to a point, necessary) to think about all the different difficult things you may face in the future (so you can plan), you also need to take a break from all the stressful thoughts ricocheting around in your head. Mindfulness exercises can really help here. See how they work, and give them a try!

Using Exercise as a Stress Management Tool
Carve out a few minutes for a workout and you’ll see many benefits, not the least of which is a change of scenery and a little distraction. Learn about the other stress relief benefits to exercise, and get moving!

Okay, so they may not be a ‘magic formula’, but these resources can help you make informed decisions, which can help you relieve stress.