Get Help

How it Works

Help is readily available for you and your family members who may suffer from substance abuse, emotional issues or psychological problems.

You will be seen by experienced professionals who will give you the best possible care and attention.

Close monitoring, continued follow-up and ongoing support are included, assuring you of a positive treatment experience.


MHC is a confidential information and referral service designed to match individuals in need of assistance with the appropriate health care professionals.

Taking the First Step

Make the Call
Call MHC at 800-255-3081.

Phone Interview
An MHC Case Manager conducts a phone interview to find out what services are needed.  Appropriate options are recommended.

MHC coordinates necessary information with a provider. MHC assists with scheduling an appointment.

Quality Assurance
Care is monitored by MHC for patient satisfaction. MHC is your advocate to make sure that you receive quality care.

We want you to Love Your Life.

Help is available.

Don't wait another day.

You can love your life.