Tobacco Cessation


Maintaining Your Quit Plan

Maintaining your quit plan is the most important part of your program since without it, your success cannot be assured. Maintenance keeps your well-oiled machine humming like a good sewing machine or car. Just because you have a couple of months of being smoke-free...

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Coping Hints for Smoking Cessation

Anxiety What to Expect You may feel quite "tense" and agitated within 24 hours of quitting. You may feel tightness in your muscles--especially around the neck and shoulders. These feelings will pass with time. Frequency Recent studies have found that 60-90% of...

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Five Common Myths About Quitting Smoking

Myth 1: Smoking is just a bad habit. Fact: Tobacco use is an addiction. According to the U.S. Public Health Service Clinical Practice Guideline, Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence, nicotine is a very addictive drug. For some people, it can be as addictive as heroin...

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