If you are an employer, how would you like an ROI of 15$ for every 1$ you spend? If you are an employee, how would you like to be more satisfied with your life and have some piece of mind back? MHC can help either way.

Research proves that a properly implemented and utilized Employee Assistance Program (EAP) will have an ROI of 6$ to 15$. The problem is that most employers don’t realize they don’t have a quality EAP. They have a “free” EAP that does little to help them solve mental health and substance abuse problems affecting the workplace. Their “free” EAP is actually costing them money.

Research also shows that employees that have a quality EAP, and utilize it, are more satisfied with their lives than those employees that don’t utilize their EAP. And, employees that utilize their EAP are more productive. People tend not to get help for mental health and substance abuse issues because they are not aware of how to get help or are afraid to get help. MHC provides confidential assistance for those who need help.

So, if you are an employer and don’t have an EAP, or have an EAP that is not delivering quality EAP services, MHC can assist you. We can help your employees get the service they deserve and save you money while doing it. If you are an employee covered by MHC, call us so that we can help you get some piece of mind back.