Maintaining your quit plan is the most important part of your program since without it, your success cannot be assured. Maintenance keeps your well-oiled machine humming like a good sewing machine or car.

Just because you have a couple of months of being smoke-free under your belt does not mean you will be home free from now on. To keep what you have will depend upon how well you have learned how to recognize junkie thinking that leads to the first puff, how well you have tackled anger management and/or how you have found other ways to celebrate events. Consider yourself on a program of daily management designed to keep smoke-free and remaining a happy camper. Nurture your hard-earned freedom.

Here’s How:

  1. Evaluate how you feel about where you are in the scheme of your program. Is it satisfactory or could it use more work to shore up your staying power.
  2. Remember that the more you put into quitting smoking, the more you’ll get out of it.
  3. Work more on the psychological aspects of quitting and you’ll have fewer battles with Nicotine.
  4. Keep track of your triggers to smoking. This empowers you to successfully say “no” next time.
  5. Keep a log of the insights you find as you search for your own triggers to smoking.
  6. Continue to hang around people who are also quitting. Support is paramount to ongoing success.
  7. Help newcomers with their questions about quitting and tell them how you did it. You will be building on your solid foundation.
  8. Have a library of self-help books on addiction, quitting smoking and positive thinking.
  9. Be sure to continue to reward yourself with money you’ve saved from not smoking. Every day is a new accomplishment.
  10. You may be the only example of a successful ex-smoker someone sees. Show a positive attitude.
  11. Learn how to control your thought processes to eliminate negative thinking.
  12. Continue to live your program just one day at a time and it will continue working for you.


  • It is best have a plan in place in case you are visited by a craving unexpectedly.
  • You are powerfully overcoming a most dangerous addiction so take pride in what you have done.