Our Approach

Empower People to Achieve Well-being

MHC was founded on that simple idea. To put the idea into action, we do three things:

Lead with compassion.
Focus on empowerment.
Drive success through well-being.

Select any or all of Our Services and the approach will be the same. We will empower your members or employees and their eligible dependents to find solutions to personal challenges so that they can achieve well-being — leading healthy, active and productive lives.

Unions and employers who partner with us see that MHC is driven by four core values: Adaptability, Integrity, Teamwork and Compassion. Acting on these values ensures that we establish and maintain positive relationships with you and with your employees.

Relationships with your employees begin with recognizing that taking the first step to ask for help isn’t easy. At their initial contact, they are greeted and treated with compassion by a licensed clinician ready to listen and offer assistance.

A dedicated MHC clinician follows through with case management services to ensure each of your employees receives the best personal and confidential behavioral health services.