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Mental health and substance abuse services for

SEIU Local 32BJ, District 36 Building Operators Welfare Fund’s full-time participants and their covered dependents are administered by MHC. 

MHC is your behavioral health (mental health and substance abuse) provider. Do NOT use your Independence (Keystone/Amerihealth) Medical card for behavioral health services. The behavioral health provider or facility needs to contact and bill MHC directly in order for claims to be paid.
Independence (Keystone/Amerihealth) will not pay behavioral health claims. If your Behavioral Health provider submits a bill to Independence (Keystone/Amerihealth) charges will be denied.
MHC is here to help guide you through this process. If you or your provider need assistance, do not hesitate to contact us at 800-255-3081 option 1.

For Patients

If you are new to this benefit and have been seeing an outpatient provider through your previous insurance, please complete the online Patient Registration Form or call us so we can begin the process of transitioning your current therapist into our network.

If you have been an eligible member and are now interested in seeking therapy or behavioral health treatment, please contact an MHC Case Manager who will assist you, provide treatment options, and help guide you through this process. Simply call MHC at 800-255-3081 option 1.

Patient Registration Form for Outpatient Therapy

For Providers

If you are interested in becoming a participating provider in the MHC PPN, please click here for more information and to apply online.  Our credentialing process is simple and your application will be processed quickly.

We are requesting patients contact MHC to register if they are new to this benefit and have been seeing a provider so that we can make the transition a smooth one.  If you would like to register on your patient’s behalf, simply complete the brief online Patient Registration Form.

If you have any questions, please contact MHC’s Provider Relations department at providerrelations@mhconsultants.com or by phone at 215-343-8987.

Stay Connected with Telehealth

Has your mental health been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic? Please reach out. Therapy sessions are available online, a service also known as telehealth. Utilizing telehealth is easier than you think. If you’re interested but unsure how to utilize telehealth, MHC is here to support you through the process. Please call MHC at 800-255-3081 option 1. Don’t neglect your mental health!

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It’s a simple fact of life.  Everyone has problems.  Juggling the demands of work, family and other obligations can be stressful.  It’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed at times.  MHC can help.

When You’re Not Sure What To Do Next…..Just Call MHC.