Employers: How MHC Can Help Your Business

MHC prides itself on helping employees overcome issues that have an effect on their performance in the workplace. With this goal in mind, we find that it is pivotal to have strong working relationships with employers, managers, and supervisors that are in direct contact with troubled employees. MHC is a strategic partner to employers, managers, and supervisors to help manage troubled employee relationships.

We provide

  • Trainings on many topics including: problem solving skills, communication, stress management, substance abuse in the workplace and conflict management.
  • Recommendations of interventions for work-related problems.
  • Monitoring of problem employees treatment compliance for management referred employees (Formal referrals).
  • An effective resource for employees with performance problems.

All this and more is aimed at increasing the companies’ profits by increasing productivity, creating a safer workplace, decreasing absenteeism/presenteeism and effectively managing employee problems.

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Here’s what a client organization has to say about MHC and its providers:

“CROWN is pleased to have MHC as a business partner. MHC is broadly capable in all aspects of behavioral healthcare. From stress management to substance abuse to grief counseling to family issues, their trained staff is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Their reputation amongst the CROWN family is impeccable. Through active participation in the CROWN Wellness Fairs throughout the country, they have established relationships with our employees and their families. Our employees trust them to assist with their most personal work and family situations. Our management team has comfort knowing that our most valuable resource – our employees – are well cared for. It’s a win-win relationship and I would highly recommend MHC to others.”

Douglas T. McLaughlin

Director, Organizational Development & Compensation

Crown Holdings, Inc.