Unions: How MHC Can Help Your Members

MHC has been delivering workplace behavioral health services to Unions, Health and Welfare Funds and private and public Sector Employers for nearly 35 years.  Because of our relationship with Unions and Health & Welfare Funds for all of these nearly 35 years, we have developed a strong understanding of the unionized environment.

Our passion is to help people to get on the road to loving their lives.  To do this, MHC follows six core values: Commitment to Excellence, Integrity, Adaptability, Teamwork, Positive Attitude, and Professionalism.  We follow these core values so that you know your clients and their employees are receiving the best personal and confidential behavioral health services.  MHC knows that others may promise you the same service.  What makes MHC unique is our personal touch, being client-centered and being adaptable.

MHC offers a full array of workplace behavioral healthcare products ranging from Employee Assistance Programs, with or without Work-life Services, a Prescription Monitoring Program that really does uncover fraud, waste and abuse, to a product for employers and Health and Welfare Funds that self-fund their benefits and have decided to carve out their mental health and substance abuse benefits.  Organizations choose MHC because of our expertise in carve-out Behavioral Health Services for the workplace and the breadth and scope of our proprietary Participating Provider Network.





Here’s what some clients have to say about the help they have received from MHC and its providers:

“I have been provided with excellent care and concern, by both doctors (Dr. B and Dr. Z) and MHC. I couldn’t be more pleased.”


“Ms. F. was very helpful to me. I have Dysthimia Depression. Therapy taught me how to work through it without drugs and not to become overwhelmed by setbacks.”


“Dr. S was an excellent provider. She made herself available to me at anytime. I could not have asked for anything more than what I received from her and her office staff.”