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What We Offer Unions

Effective Behavioral Health Solutions

Since 1980, Unions and Health & Welfare Funds have been relying on MHC for experience and expertise in the effective delivery of workplace behavioral health solutions.

Our 40+ years of experience have given us a thorough understanding of the unionized enivornment and the best way to support members.

Our expertise in behavioral healthcare management solutions extends to all self-insured groups as well as multi-employer plans and their plan sponsors. We understand the dynamics among shareholders, trustees, consultants, administrators, employers and local union representatives. We have assisted many organizations in transitioning to MHC from other vendors less equipped to navigate those relationships.

Leveraging the most effective behavioral health resources to facilitate optimal patient outcomes is the goal of MHC’s Utilization Management programs. Our clinical Care Managers provide comprehensive case management, applying evidence-based criteria and guidelines. This approach effectively meets the needs of healthcare plan sponsors including unions, health and welfare funds, ERISA plans, and businesses.