26When I was younger, every time you got hurt someone would tell you to “walk it off”.  I am not sure how much merit that advice has, but about 18 months ago I decided to take that approach to my sore back.  I set up a standing desk in my office after reading all about the trend of standing desks and hearing some success stories from friends. The benefits to your overall health of standing are well documented.  You can go here to read more. If you want to see if you would like standing before investing money in a new desk, try this IKEA hack for about $25.  It worked great for me and I still use it.

I am having great success with a standing desk.  My back does not hurt nearly as much and my posture is much better as I am not slumped over a keyboard all day. In fact, I just took it to the next level and set up a tread desk.  That’s right, walking while you work.  It may sound ridiculous, but as I watch the snowfall from my window I know that this winter I will be much more active, even if I don’t leave my office.