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What We Offer Brokers

A Partner in EAP and Behavioral Health

We invite brokers and agents to team up with MHC to expand their portfolio of services and gain a trusted partner experienced in navigating the worlds of employee assistance and behavioral health programs. Our 40+ years in business testify to the trust we have earned serving professionals who have high standards for themselves and their service partners.

All of our EAP and behavioral health solutions can be customized to meet the unique needs of your clients. Our comprehensive and proven programs are backed by:

  • A philosophy of treating the whole individual
  • A staff of licensed professionals dedicated to serving clients
  • A national network to fit the needs of your client organization

Why EAP is a good investment

Decision makers want to see a return on every investment, and an employee assistance program is no exception. Those who have tried embedded or “free” EAP solutions may be the most skeptical about the value because, unfortunately, they got exactly what they paid for.

Brokers and agents need to know the facts: The ROI on a professionally managed EAP comes from delivering value and financial savings with actual solutions that improve productivity and reduce work absence. Consider the following study results and ask us how our EAP programs can benefit your clients.


of employees showed improvement in the ability to work productively


of employees with work issues as the primary problem showed improvement


of all employees showed improved work productivity*

*Attridge, Amaral, Bjornson, Goplerud, Herilhy, McPherson, Teems, L. (2009). EAP Effectiveness and ROI. EASNA Research Notes.