Satisfaction Survey

Which survey applies to me?

  • Patient – You have called seeking behavioral health treatment for you or your family member.
  • Provider – You are a behavioral healthcare provider in the MHC network.
  • Customer – You are an HR professional or union official for one of the organizations MHC is contracted with.


Satisfaction Survey
What survey would you like to complete?
The intake process refers to your experience when first calling MHC.
The MHC Case Manager was the person you spoke with on the phone during the intake process.
Would you recommend a family member or co-worker to use MHC's services?
Were you referred to an MHC provider?
A provider is a behavioral healthcare provider (psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, counselor, etc.) that your MHC Case Manager referred you to.
If you connected with a behavioral health provider that MHC referred you to, please rate their ability to understand your situation.
Which of the following situations or changes have you experienced because of using MHC's services? Please check all that apply.
Did calling MHC help you avoid taking time off from work to deal with your issues?
If you would like an MHC Case Manager to contact you about any current concerns, please provide your contact information so that we can follow up with you.

Be sure to include a 10-digit phone number we can contact you at during daytime hours (9am-5pm EST).

Please include your email address to be eligible for a chance to win a complimentary gift card from MHC!

Please rate the following:

Are you satisfied with the level of communication between MHC and your organization?
Are you satisfied with the utilization of MHC services?
Are your managers and supervisors knowledgeable about how to utilize the EAP as a management tool?
EAP stands for the Employee Assistance Program.
Would you recommend MHC to other organizations?
Would you like us to follow up with you regarding any matters?

Contact Information for Follow-Up

If you would like to receive a follow-up response from the MHC Management Team, please supply us with your contact information.

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Contact Name