Provider Network

MHC offers our members a professional, well-established and diverse provider network.  Our national preferred provider network consists of more than 2,100 behavioral healthcare providers including outpatient providers and psychiatric and substance abuse facilities, and is continuously expanding. MHC strives to provide a wide variety of services and the best care possible to its clients.

MHC recognizes that the success of our EAP and Behavioral Health Case Management programs is largely dependent our provider network. We carefully select each provider and facility using a rigorous and formal credentialing process. Practitioners in our network are selected based upon established criteria reflecting professional standards for education, training and licensure. Credentials are verified upon initial application to the network and during the re-credentialing process every three years thereafter to assure that our database is always accurate and current.

While each provider is an independent contractor through MHC, we view them as partners in providing appropriate clinical assessment and services to employees, union members and their dependents.  MHC’s extensive provider network includes psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, psychiatric nurses, and other mental health and employee assistance providers. Our facility network includes hospital inpatient units, residential treatment centers, partial hospitalization programs, and intensive outpatient services and programs.  MHC values the personal relationship we have with our providers, and our staff is always available for support, consultation, and advisement regarding specific cases, as well as MHC procedures and protocols.